Through the Eyes of a Virtual Teacher

We hope you enjoy getting to know one of the master teachers here at Kids Connected! It takes a special person to effectively teach online and Grace promotes a positive learning environment and makes connections with her students and their families.

Hi there! My name is Grace Covher. I am the Content Operations Specialist and teacher at Kids Connected, online ESL teacher, and a small business owner! Online teaching is not only a job, but also a passion and the best decision I have ever made. Teaching virtually allows me to work from home, have a flexible schedule, and create positive changes in the lives of students. My students have brought me such joy. I have met many students whom I would have never known if not for online learning. Virtually, I have traveled to over ten diverse countries and heard numerous distinct languages.

As a teacher, my heart has been broadened through the internet, not only through my students, but also through other educators. I am honored to witness the teaching community pull together to offer students quality education during these unprecedented times. As the community of students grows virtually, the community of educators also unites- both in friendship and shared goals. The internet’s reach allows all different types of learners and educators to assemble under the banner of education.  It is truly magical that students and teachers alike can unite in a virtual classroom with the sole purpose of learning. I feel humbled when considering how many lives have been touched through my virtual classroom. I am honored to be an online teacher, and I aspire to touch lives with every student I meet.

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