School Choice

In honor of National School Choice week, we wanted to help raise awareness. The Pandemic has broadened parent interests in alternative options of education for their children.

The National School Choice week organization is a great resource for parents and teachers. Whether you are trying to make a decision or are actively looking for a school, their website can help!

Free resources for parents and teachers are available on this website!

As the Education Director and Content Manager at Kids Connected, I have had the pleasure of getting to know some pioneers in education and their alternative school choice options for students in their area. Click on their mission links to learn more about their school choice options.

Leadership Preparatory Academy, Washington- Founder and Author, Dr. Maureen O’Shaughnessy, formed her Microschool to be a catalyst for change with this mission in mind: “LEADPrep creates a dynamic space where education is engaging, not one-size-fits-all, in order for all learners to be seen, heard, valued, and thriving. LEADPrep provides the small class size and support essential for students to take on the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead. Our intentionally diverse, multi-age student population celebrates differences and provides a safe community of voice and choice in exploring real-world concepts, while pushing for self-growth and accountability.”

Bullock Garden Project, New Jersey- Founder and CEO, Sonya Harris is opening a micro school, Their Place Discovery Center. The mission at the Bullock Garden Project is inspiring: “We are dedicated to empowering individuals, groups, and organizations, focusing on people within marginalized communities, in creating sustainable agriculture and incorporating garden education through building community sustainability awareness; partnering with community and green industry organizations; strengthening social/emotional development and well-being and nurturing independence through experiential learning and garden-based education; and inspiring future leaders to support green initiatives.”

Sloyd & Croft, Texas– founded by Tracy Ziomek, is a family-owned country studio and home to a talented group of craftsmen, artists, and educators offering hands-on learning in woodworking, fabrication, printing, & more; with a mission to connect traditional craftsmanship with a modern innovation for enduring beauty.

TCP Youth Empowerment, Maryland– Founder and Executive Director, Andy Schindling is opening a micro school. The vision and mission that drove TCP Academy is influential: “For all kids to be empowered, equipped, and prepared to take charge of their future and reach their full potential.” Review the Academy offerings that provide engaging, project-based learning with small class sizes and unique learning opportunities that develop each student’s social, emotional, cognitive and spiritual competencies and skills.

Here at Kids Connected, Atlanta and nationwide, we are committed to helping today’s youth achieve lifelong success while creating the best online education platform in existence. We are here to support you in your research and journey of raising a well-rounded child in the areas of education, entertainment, socialization, nutrition, and fitness. We support all learners through high-quality live virtual classes. Meet our Co- Founders, Tony Pritchett and Anne Marie du Toit and what inspired them to promote change for their own children.

School Choice = Opportunity

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