Patricia Haggard
  • Patricia Haggard
  • Hello! My name is Patricia Haggard. I am a mom of 5, am a former pre-k and kindergarten teacher, a current home school teacher, and a Certified Medical Assistant. I have more than 20 years of experience working with children. My passions are nature, art, literature, science and medicine. I try to find interesting, fun and unique ways to incorporate nature and art into my teaching. I find this method works well for the youngest learners. For the older ones, I like to provide ample opportunities for them to speak and contribute to the lesson. I use games, trivia, themed questions, and other fun ways to encourage student output and enhance the learning experience. My life has been filled with wonderful opportunities to help children learn, explore, and grow. I hope to offer your child the same fun, meaningful experiences here at KidsConnected!

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