Theresa Lambert
  • Theresa Lambert
  • Hi! My name is Tess. I have a Bachelor of Science in English, with a minor in Photography. My focus is always on the children and their independence in the class. I encourage interaction, communication, and most of all, fun. There is always some type of hands-on activity in my classes. As a professional photographer, I will definitely be incorporating photography into my classes, which would vary from taking the perfect picture to editing. I am an instructor with the Community Boys and Girls Club. I teach children's classes as well as run the youth group at both the Boys and Girls club and at church. I get to practice one of my favorite hobbies with the kids, and that is Urban and Wildlife Survivalism and Prepping. I have a strong passion for educating, and I am a firm believer that a teacher's passion brings out the passion in the student. I look forward to making bug-out bags with your kids, editing pictures, and even book clubs.

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