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  • DINOSAURS ROCK has been providing educational entertainment at schools, camps, private events and large-scale venues like the Bronx Zoo for 20+ years—and now children and their families around the globe can experience DINOSAURS ROCK through virtual online classes! DINOSAURS ROCK was founded by husband & wife team Neil Brown and Leslie Freund with the mission of providing an authentic (and fun) learning experience to children of all ages! As they say, "We Bring The Museum To You"! Science topics they cover include Dinosaurs, Fossils, Rocks & Minerals, Insects, Sharks & The Oceans and Space & Rocketry. Please visit DinosaursRock.com and DinoaursuRockSuperstore.com to learn more about their events and STEM-based products.

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  • Awesome classes! My 6 year old's favorite class so far was about prehistoric insects. He was so excited to share with me what he learned afterwards. The instructor uses a lot of different media to keep the kids entertained - fun videos, pictures, and props. We also received a box full of cool things that relate to the classes - a stuffed dinosaur, a piece of amber, a model rocket, and more.