Meredith Smith
  • Meredith Smith
  • I'm Ms. Meredith and I live in eastern Massachusetts. I consider myself to be a lifelong learner, and I hope to motivate others, especially children, to become lifelong learners as well! I aim to encourage children to find a passion that will inspire them to love learning and lead them to continue learning throughout their lives. I have a Bachelor of Arts in Music and Bachelor of Music in Music Therapy from Immaculata University in Pennsylvania and a STB Theology degree from the Pontificia Universita San Tommaso D'Aquino in Rome, Italy. I have worked with children of all ages in many different capacities for over 15 years. I have been a summer camp counselor, swim instructor, peer mentor, online ESL teacher, and I was a nanny and English language tutor for a family in Italy for three years. I currently work full-time teaching music and theology to children of all ages. When I am not teaching you can find me traveling or cooking! I have lived in 4 different States and also in Italy for 5 years. My travels have taken me to 49 States in the USA and 31 countries throughout North America and Europe. I love to share my stories, experiences, and what I have learned through my travels with children to help them to recognize and appreciate the beauty and diversity of our country and our world. I hope to inspire your child to discover their own individual passions and fall in love with learning, so join me in the classroom for a discovery mission and begin the journey to lifelong learning!

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