Art Camp 504
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  • Art Camp 504 is a New Orleans-based non-profit that offers fun and inventive virtual and in-person workshops for kids of all ages across the country. Art Camp 504 is an engaging learning experience that emphasizes the unique art and culture of New Orleans. Our program began as a four-week summer camp in 2016 with 35 young artists. We now offer Summer Camp, Thanksgiving, Winter and Spring Break camps, and year round virtual classes. OUR MISSION is to shape the next generation of innovators and creative problems solvers by giving young artists the skills and confidence they need to reach their innate potential. We inspire students to think outside the box by teaching experimental art forms and mixed media across disciplines. OUR EDUCATIONAL PHILOSOPHY is inspired by Montessori and Waldorf teaching methods. We encourage students to be independent, to manage their time and resources, and to respect themselves and others. By including a large variety of ages in our workshops, we foster a culture of collaboration and openness. Younger students learn from and look up to older students, and older students take on leadership roles, challenging themselves to grow and develop as young adults. Campers work together and support each other through the entire creative process, while learning how to connect and relate with kids of all ages.

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