Sabrina Girvan
  • Sabrina Girvan
  • Most of my life I have been an active person. My passions in my youth were ballet and tap, but I have always loved various styles of dance. As I approached high school I progressed into sporting activities. Unfortunately for me, due to genetics and poor diet I began gaining weight. And of course this was at a time when you are young and vulnerable the worst time for this to occur. I found the courage and strength to start making changes in my eating habits as well as increasing my exercise. As we read about our nation's issues with childhood obesity I share a very personal experience with this struggle. Having committed to a new change in lifestyle and in attaining my goal weight I realized it was not enough. Through the process I had gained confidence and discipline and I absolutely loved the new Me! I began a new journey and ventured into the world of Resistance/Strength Training. I engaged a Personal Trainer for correct techniques in weights, strength and cardio training and the best way to attain over-all health and well being. This is where I became a huge enthusiast and knew that I would need to share my excitement by becoming a Personal Trainer.

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My Activity

Jumping Beans
Stand Alone
  • 6 - 11 Age
  • 25 Total Seats
  • 30 Mins Duration