We are excited that you're interested in becoming an Activity Director with Kids Connected! 

What is an Activity Director? Simply put, an Activity Director is an entrepreneur that plans and executes live online classes with children of all ages and potentially all over the world. If you can dream up an engaging and age appropriate activity, Kids Connected connects you with your client base and so much more!

Why wait? Register today. We keep earning money simple. We pay you by the class. If your class gets a registration, you get paid. Apply today to talk to our operations team further and discover how much fun and rewarding teaching online can be!

Activity Director FAQs

What are the minimum requirements to become an Activity Director with Kids Connected?

At Kids Connected we believe that a successful Activity Director does not have to fit any certain mold. We seek individuals that are passionate about providing a consistent, high quality, and engaging experience for our community.

How do I apply?

To be considered for an Activity Director position, each applicant must complete an application outlining their background, experience, areas of interest, and activity ideas along with an introductory video during which the applicant provides an introduction. Upon advancement to the next phase, each applicant must successfully pass a criminal background check. If interested in moving forward, apply here: https://www.kidsconnected.com/register

What should I discuss in my introductory video?

The introductory video is intended to convey a bit of your personality. You can use the time to tell us about yourself, read a story, sing a song, play an instrument, or otherwise give us an idea of who you are.

Do the activities I direct have to directly relate to my educational background or employment experience?

As an Activity Director, we trust that you will use your judgement in order to craft an engaging experience. If you feel comfortable and competent to share the content you have created, give it a try!

How should I structure the frequency of my activities?

You can offer an activity to participants as a one-time activity, or you can offer an activity as a series recurring at your desired frequency. 

Do I have to get my proposed activity approved prior to launch?

As an Activity Director, we know that you will use your judgement in order to craft an engaging experience. Prior to showing up online, your activity will be approved. Kids Connected personnel will review the activity summary and reserves the right to decline to host an activity if it seems contrary to the morals or standards of Kids Connected or otherwise inconsistent with our brand.

How far in advance must I provide an activity summary?

The sooner you provide your activity summary, the sooner we can approve it and get it listed on the website and begin marketing your activity. However, do not hesitate to provide your summary as your proposed start date approaches as enrollees may be looking for activities at the last minute.

What are the fees to be a Kids Connected Activity Director?

We keep earning money simple. If you get a registration in a class, you get paid. Contact our operations team today and discover how much fun and rewarding teaching online can be!

What do the fees to Kids Connected cover?

Kids Connected takes care of the details so you don't have to! We take care of billing, scheduling, payment processing fees, marketing, and provide the platform and technology through which activities are conducted. 

How do I determine what to charge for my activity?

We make it simple. 30 minute classes are $7.50 and 60 minute classes are $15.00. This is to give consistency and predictability to parents. 

How many students can participate in each activity?

Classes can have anywhere from 1 to 25 students. We limit class sizes to no more than 25 students so teachers have the ability to interact with students and there is time and opportunity for questions. Interaction is a crucial part of learning.

What is my employment status if approved?

All Activity Directors are 1099 contractors and therefore responsible for Social Security, Medicare, Federal, and State income taxes. 1099 contractors are not eligible for worker's compensation benefits.

Once I am approved what do I need to get started?

Every Activity Director must have a video capable computer or tablet and a reliable internet connection, plus a great attitude! You will be issued a Kids Connected zoom account. Once you are approved and your zoom account is issued, you will be able to create activities and get started.

Does Kids Connected offer any platform other than live activities?

At the moment Kids Connected only offers live activities and a guided homeschool program that is also live. No pre-recorded classes are available.

Is Kids Connected nationwide?

Although Kids Connected is available worldwide to anyone with an internet connection, our initial reach will be mainly in the United States.

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