Adaptation: How Do Animals Change With The Seasons?


Each animal is affected by their environment in their own unique way. As seasons change in areas across the country, animals will also make changes as well. Will they stay and just adapt to the new weather, will they move to another area of the country or will they take a few months nap? 

During this class, students will learn the different choices animals have as the seasons change throughout the year. They will learn about adaptation, migration and hibernation. 
Students will learn about the different animals affected and which animals do which one. 

During class one, 9/17, students will receive a worksheet with the terms adapt, migrate and hibernate. They will define these terms as well as find the animals that fit under each one. They will also learn what it looks like for each animal as they make their changes such as a bear eating extra food before finding their dark cave for the winter or rabbits growing a heavier, thicker fur as the weather gets colder so they can stay warmer. 

During class two, 9/23, students will learn about other animals that are able to stay in other climates that may be more difficult for others due to it being warm, rainy or cold. For examples, polar bears. They have a thicker fur that is water proof that keeps them warm. 

I look forward to learning about how animals survive the changes of our seasons! 

Students may want a pencil and paper to use during the session. They will also have a worksheet at the beginning of the first class.

    Adaptation: How Do Animals Change With The Seasons?

    Friday, 09/17/2021

    Age 6 - 9


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    Adaptation: How Do Animals Change With The Seasons?

    Thursday, 09/23/2021

    Age 6 - 9


    23 Seats Available

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