3rd and 4th Grade Reading and Math Group


Hello and welcome to 3rd and 4th grade Reading and Math Group!  In this class my hope is that the same students will come to class each week and learn their grade level skills in reading and math.  In this class, I will be using the Boxcar Children book series.  I have the first 4 books.  They come in a box set for fairly cheap.  I will use those as our reading tools as well as worksheets to learn concepts such as facts, sequence, context etc.  For math we will starting with addition with regrouping and the hope is that we can then move on to multiplication, division etc.  I will not move forward until every student is ready.  I will also be having "FUN FRIDAYS".  On Fridays we will do different things like paint, draw, have dance freeze parties etc.  Children can expect 30 minutes of reading out of the Boxcar Children and 30 minutes of math Mondays and Wednesdays.  On Fridays they will have a full hour of social time with each other with drawing, painting, crafting, freeze dancing and whatever else we can think up.  You may come 3 times a week or just once.  Completely your choice.  If you do plan on coming regularly I strongly suggest you buy the Boxcar Children book at least the first and second book so your child can read aloud and learn to follow along.  
Reading- "The Boxcar Children" by Gertrude Chandler.  Chapters 1 & 2 Read aloud.  Comprehension, vocabulary and fluency.
Math- Beginning Addition with regrouping and carrying over the tens with double digit numbers.
Reading- Chapters 3 &4 out of our books.  Comprehension, vocabulary and fluency.
Math- Addition with regrouping(Carrying over the tens) with double digit numbers.
FUN FRIDAY- We will be making bookmarks today.  Children should all bring cardstock paper.  They can bring any other small objects to glue etc. on this day.  They will need a hole punch and yarn if they choose to have a tassel. 
Reading- Chapters 5 and 6. Comprehension, vocabulary and fluency.
Math- Working on addition with regrouping(carrying over the tens) using 2 and 3 digit numbers.
Reading- Chapters 7 and 8. Comprehension, vocabulary and fluency.
Math- Addition with regrouping(carrying over the tens) for 3 digit numbers.
FUN FRIDAY!- Today we will be doing directed drawing.

The Book "The Boxcar Children"

    3rd and 4th Grade Reading and Math Group

    Wednesday, 10/27/2021

    Age 8 - 11


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Reviews and Ratings

  • My oldest loves Tiara‚Äôs science, reading, math and theme classes. :-)

  • My 8 year old had a blast at his first Harry Potter book club <3 He professes to love to read but I've had a hard time getting him to read on his own for any length of time. He powered through the first two chapters for his book club and is excited for the next one!

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