Create (Simple) Fun Animated Gifs using Procreate


**THIS CLASS REQUIRES PROCREATE-a $10 iPad app. It does not work on Chromebooks, laptops, or Android devices.***

In one-time lesson, learners will use Procreate to create simple animated GIFs along with Teacher Michelle while learning drawing strategies for digital art. 

Learners will learn about many various aspects of Procreate that may include:

- learn how to make movements to create a GIF
- learn about layers
- learn about the undo shortcut 
- learn about opacity
- learn how to make a straight line
- learn how to duplicate layers
- learn how to move layers
- learn how to resize objects

Students will need to download the latest version of Procreate (a paid iPad app) to their device prior to class. Learners will also need a second screen so they can view Michelle and other classmates on one device while completing their project on their device.  Apple/off brand tablet pencil is suggested but not required.

Students will need an iPad with Procreate downloaded onto the device before class. Procreate is a $10 iPad app. It does not work with any device other than an iPad.

Students will also need a second screen (a second iPad, tablet, laptop, etc) that is logged into the Zoom meeting. This is necessary for the class to run smoothly.

An Apple pencil or stylus is recommended but not required.

    Create (Simple) Fun Animated Gif using Procreate

    Sunday, 06/13/2021

    06:00 pm - 07:00 pm ET

    Age 8 - 12


    25 Seats Available

    Enrollment Closed

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