Creative Writing: Creating Short Stories Using Strange Writing Prompts


In This Ongoing Class, Students Will Create And Write Imaginative Short Story Using Story Elements Like Characters, Settings, Events, And Word Choices To Inspire Their Very Own Unique Short Story.

This Class Is All About Using Your Imagination To Create A New Short Story Every Week! In This Creative Writing Class, Students Will Explore The World Of Creative Writing Techniques And Prompts. Students Will Receive A Writing Prompt ( Topic And Picture) And We Will Also Discuss A Basic Story Elements Such As Characters, Plot, Conflict, Theme, And Settings. Storytelling Is So Much Fun And My Goal Is To Have Each Learners Use Their Imaginations While Creating A Fun And Unique Short Story.

Each Class Is A Stand-Alone Class That Will Each Cover A Different Writing Prompt Each Week.

Class Structure:
- 1 Minute - Introduction & Class Rules - I Will Say Hello And Students Will Say Hello (Welcome Any New Students)
- 1 Minutes - Ice Breaker - Would You Rather ? Related To Writing Prompt Of The Week
- 5 Minutes - Discuss Story Elements Basics & Example Of Story Elements Of The Week
- 15 Minutes - Students Will Begin Writing A Short Story Using Prompt; I Will Answer Questions, Provide Help, & Feedback As Needed.
- 5 Minutes - Students Can Read Their Short Story (Optional)*
- 1 Minutes - Conclusion - Goodbyes To Students And Preview Of Next Class
*Students Can Continue Working On Their Story After Class. They Can Contact Me Later For Feedback If Needed.

Class Schedule:
Oct 8 - My Pet Took Over The World...
Oct 15 - A Spaceship Landed In Front Of Me...
Oct 22 - I Spent The Whole Day Upside Down...
oct 29 - Everything I Touch Turns To Candy...
Nov 5 - The Pumpkin Started Talking To Me...
Nov 12 - When I Woke Up Everyone Was Gone...
Nov 19 - I Can I Fly Because I Have Wings...

Journal or Notebook or writing paper
Pen, pencil, markers, and color pencils

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