Learn To Paint: Winter Santa Bear


Join Us For A Painting Lesson! In this class, a live instructor will guide students step-by-step in the process of creating a scenery. Students will begin class with sketching, move into coloring and shading techniques, and learn how to create a background and foreground in the process. All lessons are held virtually in real time online in California Pacific Standard Time. Rules for joining the class: • Please keep your microphone muted • Raise your hand if you have a question • Show your art up close to the camera when asked to share progress • No recording the lesson out of respect to other students

What you will need:
• paper
• pencil
• eraser
• paint, paintbrushes, water cup, drying towel
• a phone or computer with Zoom (zoom.us) installed to attend class

    Learn To Paint: Winter Santa Bear

    Wednesday, 12/08/2021

    Age 5 - 15


    25 Seats Available

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Our Activity Directors have made a commitment to forego other opportunities to facilitate the Activity at the appointed time, and have a limited number of spaces to make available to participants. The cancellation policy for this Activity is as follows:

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Reviews and Ratings

  • My son was a bit nervous and decided to switch to drawing by hand instead of the computer program... but he had a great time! The class went very fast for his age (he is just 10 yrs) but he got plenty of information to get the project done on paper. He will just have to 'play' with the sketchbook program more on his own time as well. :)

  • Excellent for children of all ages! Instructors are great!

  • My son was very proud of his finished artwork. The teacher was very detailed and patient. He is ready to take another one!

  • My daughter took this class and absolutely loved it. She is already looking into other classes on this site. Great job by kidsconnected.com!

  • My 6 year old artist loved this class ☺️. When it was over he said "that teacher was nice!" and is so proud of his final product. Will take more of these art classes.

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