Stretch and Chat


In this series, students will focus on learning more about how to move their bodies (safely) and minds to their full potential. This class will promote wellness and health, positive peer interactions, and strategies for articulating and accomplishing goals. Students will stretch and move their bodies while discussing goals and wellness in their, or another topic deemed appropriate by the teacher. 

Class structure will cater to the needs and ages of students enrolled. The teacher will facilitate conversation and educate through movement. Each week's topic will focus on a specific goal-setting strategy and exploration. There will be a variety of stretches in different orders each week, so students will never have the same class twice!

Learners will have the opportunity to engage with others and are encouraged to offer positive feedback and encouragement to their peers. The teacher will guide the movement to provide students with increased knowledge regarding safe ways to move and care for their bodies. Questions and answers will be utilized to encourage engagement, promote problem solving, and to educate on specific goal-setting strategies.

-Open space to move
-Water bottle
-Comfortable clothing
OPTIONAL: yoga mat

    Stretch and Chat

    Tuesday, 10/26/2021

    Age 8 - 17


    20 Seats Available

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Reviews and Ratings

  • Mary really enjoyed your class! She would love to work with you again if you offer a series of classes... or just to take this class again for more practice and discussion. :)

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