Spanish Immersion for Beginners 4-6 Years Old


If your child knows some words and understands some phrases, this is a good level. If your child knows nothing, this is a good level. All beginners. Your child will be unmuted the entire class and interacting as if we were in person - we even get up, stand up and move around quite a bit to keep everyone on their toes (literally)! We will speak mainly in Spanish, but no one will ever be confused for too long - just like how your children learned English, you did not translate, and eventually they figured it out. We will do this through showing, expressions, pictures, telling stories and more. With over 1000 clients who have improved their Spanish fluency, our method is spot on!

We use The Bellieu Method for fluency, our trademarked method for acquiring a second language, which upholds songs, singing, dancing, getting them moving to express what they're saying, speaking (when they're ready - everyone has a different speed), relevant material that is useful for everyday life, topics based on the kids attending the class, and letting the student be the focus of the class for ultimate engagement. We are not a 1, 2, 3, red, green, blue type of Spanish class. We teach RELEVANT words used DAILY, for TRUFLUENCY. 

Conversation level will be adjusted depending on the level of each student or the group as a whole. Conversation will also be geared towards the interests of the students in this small class. We meet your student exactly where he or she is. 

What will they learn or talk about?

In every TruFluency Kids Spanish Immersion class, we have 2-3 themes that we touch on (for example traveling, animals, hobbies, what you like to eat, etc). During the discussion of these themes, we will focus on being able to express ourselves in Spanish in regards to this theme. We will always encourage speaking, while also increasing listening comprehension, reading and writing in Spanish. Activities in class include, but not limited to: learning songs, singing, ear training to hear Spanish clearly and pronounce it correctly (yet everyone goes at their own speed). Every class includes an activity such as reading a story, playing a word game, creating a song game with our voices in Spanish, or even a computer game to keep the environment immersive. 

While the focus is always on listening/speaking, since that is how children learn language first (and most successfully), we also incorporate writing and quick spelling exercises (but limited, as this is learned later).

Singing is incorporated into every class. 


Week of Aug 22 (For teachers: Lesson 1-2 of Back to School Curriculum)

-Go over a “Back to School” song and lyrics using The Bellieu Method (our trademarked question/answer method based on listening and responding, mimicking a real conversation).  We will sing and have lots of fun! (By the end of the course the kids will be able to sing along in Spanish and will know how to use the words and phrases in real life situations!)

- We will review the story and song to reiterate vocabulary and sentence structure, pronunciation and sounds.

-Read a comic about going back to school with our fun Rockalingua (you will get access to this story and song for use at home) main characters Tapon and Clara! We will take turns reading and acting out the comic strip.

- Work on 5-10 new vocabulary phrases, (not just words!) to use in role play conversation. The phrases will focus on the end of summer vacation and how we miss our friends from school.

Week of Aug 29 (For teachers: Lesson 3-4 of Back to School Curriculum)

- Begin to use the verbs to talk about each child's daily activities at school. (Quiero jugar, Quiero reir, Quiero aprender. = I want to play. I want to laugh. I want to learn.). We will start using it in each class to make fun small talk in Spanish!

- We will have a small contest. The first one to say all the verbs fastest and correctly under 20 seconds - wins! We will have 3 to 5 rounds.

- Practice the song and play a game (connect the picture and words) to learn the actions and choreography that go along with it - this helps kids remember what they’ve learned.

- We will continue to learn the new lyrics to the song, reading them and singing them. We will also apply those words in short conversations with assistance from the native speaking teacher.

-We will send home a FUN worksheet that you can put on your fridge to help you remember to use the new words in everyday conversations. All students will have access to all activities, videos, worksheets and games - can be viewed at any time between classes for extra practice.

Week of Sep 5 (For teachers: Lesson 5-6 of Back to School Curriculum)

-Keep on practicing the pronunciation of the vocabulary words via singing and reading. We will focus on helping the kids have fun while improving their pronunciation.

-Play the memory game two times. First and easy one then a normal one. We will time the play time to see if they do it faster next class!

-Play caras y gestos (charades)! We will make two teams. Each team will choose someone and have 20 seconds to act out 2 types of weather (I miss the sun, birds fly away, mushrooms grow.) and guess them. We will play 5 rounds. The team that scores the most wins! The winning team will do the happy dance!



Week of Sep 12 (For teachers: Lesson 7-8 of Back to School Curriculum)

Small competitions to engage and encourage kids.

- Get access to a Spanish craft or worksheet on our website that you can do in the evening or on the weekends.

- Review all topics and games. Repetition and review is critical. We don’t hear a word just one time in order to be able to use it. We must hear it many times.

We will tell you what words and phrases you can practice with your child each week. You will also get access to all of our videos, cartoons, worksheets, crafts and more (if you want to watch them at home). 

Sometimes you will need paper and colors, or colored pencils. We will let you know a few days before class.
We will give you access to the videos, crafts, games, worksheets, pdfs, conversation activity pages, songs, lyrics and more.

    Spanish Immersion for Beginners 4-6 Years Old

    Friday, 09/17/2021

    Age 4 - 6


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