Beginning Guitar


This class is designed to be an introduction to the guitar for students with no musical an/or guitar experience! 
Week 1: 
To begin the class we will briefly talk about how and why the guitar works while learning the names of the parts of the guitar. Then students will have the opportunity to sit with their guitar and practice proper posture, hand position, and finding strings. We will play games to learn the string names and numbers, the fret numbers, and finger numbers. Finally, students will practice holding a pick (if they have one) and how to strum with and without a pick. Two simple strumming patterns will be introduced. 

Week 2 - September 17: 
After a brief review of the string/fret/finger numbers and strumming patterns from the previous week, students will learn two simple, one finger chords. Students will practice switching between the two chords while strumming. A third strumming pattern will be introduced this week. Students will also receive two songs so they can practice between classes. 

Week 3 - September 24: 
We will briefly review string/fret/finger numbers, the three strumming patterns, and two chords learned in previous weeks. After the review, students will learn to play single notes on two strings, two new songs will be introduced to help students practice and strengthen their finger dexterity. 

Week 4 - October 1: 
In this last class students will review all of the material from the previous three weeks. Then two additional basic chords will be introduced. Students will receive additional songs to add to their repertoire to be able to practice on their own. Students will also receive simple chord progression exercises to practice on their own to continue to strengthen finger dexterity and fluidity in changing chords.

This class is designed for beginners, no prior musical or guitar knowledge is necessary, just the willingness to learn something new and have fun! This is a great introductory class if you would like to see if your student is interested in learning to play the guitar! Students will be given pdf documents each week to help guide their practice between classes!

Children should have a guitar (classical or acoustic preferred).

    Beginning Guitar

    Friday, 10/01/2021

    Age 7 - 10


    22 Seats Available

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