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What a great opportunity to let your child explore their interests with a $19 per month subscription to unlimited activities! See simple steps below to get started.


-Enroll in this course for the child you want to enroll in the subscription plan.
-You will be charged $19.
-You will get a unique coupon code within 24 hours.
-Your subscription will start the day after enrollment.

-Using your unique coupon code, enroll your child in as many activities as they want during the month.

         **Note it takes 24 hours to process your subscription enrollment.
-Subscription will automatically renew every month.

-Cancel your subscription any time!
-By signing up, you agree to the terms here: https://www.kidsconnected.com/subscription_terms

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    Unlimited Subscription

    Wednesday, 06/30/2021

    10:00 pm - 10:30 pm ET

    Age 3 - 17

    17 Seats Available


Reviews and Ratings

  • Tony was a great teacher. He engaged all the kids and taught them a lot about the subject.