Ukulele, First Two Chord Songs and Melodies


In this course, students will learn or review the terms for the parts of the ukulele and other relevant vocabulary, including:
  • Headstock
  • neck
  • frets
  • body
  • strings
  • saddle
  • bridge
  • nut
  • chord (definition)
  • strum (definition)
Each week a new song will be introduced. These songs will all use two chords. Each chord and relevant finger positions will be introduced or reviewed in each class.
  • September 13, song: Apples and Bananas. Fadd9 and C7 chords
  • September 20song: Wheels on the Bus. Fadd9 and C7 chords
  • September 27song:  Head and Shoulders. Fadd9 and C7 chords
  • October 4, song: Boll Weevil. Fadd9 and C7 chords
  • October 11song: Boil them Cabbage, G6 and D7 chords
  • October 18song: Big Ball in Boston, G6 and D7 chords
  • October 25, song: Lukey's Boat, G6 and D7 chords
All participating students should have a soprano, concert, or tenor ukulele. Please be certain the ukulele is tuned prior to class. Please visit this link for information about tuning:
This class is appropriate for older students as an introduction. If your student is 9 or younger and has no previous playing experience, please consider trying my Introduction to the Ukulele class.

Students should have a soprano, concert, or tenor ukulele.

    Ukulele, First Two Chord Songs and Melodies

    Monday, 10/25/2021

    Age 7 - 17


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Reviews and Ratings

  • Colin had a great time in class! He loved the encouraging sound effects and the games to help him practice the notes. Colin can't wait to sign up for more recorder classes. :)